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Explore the universes between…

As I’ve said before (probably enough time that your eyes are starting to roll into the back of your head), I love portal fantasy. I love doorways, garden gates, secret passages, moss-covered stone steps curving away into the mist, you name it. I think it’s about the potential for magic. What special secret thing awaits, just out of sight? Come with me, take my hand and we’ll go find out…

I love portal fantasy so much that I’m editing a volume of it for Fiction River. I can’t say much until the contracts are signed, but the lineup of authors is stupendous! I’ve just figured out my own story—I just need to find the time to write it!

To keep me (and you) satisfied until then, check out the Universe Between bundle from Storybundle. If I wasn’t in this bundle, I’d be making grabby-hands at it. (I still made grabby hands at it. The bonus was that I got a free download for having a novel in the bundle. Mine!) Some of my favorite authors are in this bundle: Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Annie Reed, Leslie Claire Walker, T. Thorn Coyle… (I had the pleasure of copyediting both Leslie’s and Claire’s novels, so I can attest to their marvelousness.)

Here’s the deal: for $5, you get four novels, including mine. For $15, you get five more novels and an anthology of “between” stories. Plus, you can choose to give a portion of the money to an amazing charity, Able Gamers, which helps people with disabilities enjoy the imaginary worlds of video games.

My novel, What Beck’ning Ghost, is an atmospheric gothic romance.

For more information, and to purchase this bundle, visit Storybundle.

But do it soon…this will be available only for eight more days!

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Love, in Stitches by Sophie Mouette is HERE!

I’m delighted to announce that, after much love and toil and many phone calls, Sophie Mouette’s new novel, Love, in Stitches, is finally here!

Love, in Stitches is the second book in the Hollywood Spice series, following Out of the Frying Pan. But you could conceivably read Love, in Stitches first if you really wanted to—the heroine is the best friend of the heroine in the previous book, but the events aren’t linked in such a way that the order is important.

What’s important is that it’s here! And it has a gorgeous cover! And it’s a funny and sexy romance between a fashion designer (who moonlights making pretty clothes for closet crossdressers) and a movie producer/writer who looks like a pirate.

Luanna Deveneax dreams of designing couture fashion. But when she loyally refuses to tell her employer about her side job—secretly sewing custom women’s clothing for high-powered LA crossdressers—her high fashion dreams flush right down the toilet.

With his rakish grin, dark, flashing eyes, and tiny gold hoop earring, producer and writer Derek Acosta looks like a sexy pirate. He kisses Luanna’s hand, making her weak in the knees…and offers her a job designing costumes for his first movie.

Far from her dream job—and you know what they say about mixing business with pleasure. But in the wild world of Hollywood, dreams come true in the most unexpected ways.

Sophie Mouette expertly weaves a seductive tale of desire, dresses, and delightful romance in Love, in Stitches, the second novel in the steamy and wacky Hollywood Spice series.

EbookAmazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks | Smashwords
Print: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

And if you haven’t already, you might also want to pick up Out of the Frying Pan

EbookAmazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks | Smashwords
PrintAmazon | Barnes & Noble | Powells

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Run away with the Escapist Bundle!

I feel like a kind of lame writer right now because I’m running out of ways to say I’m delighted, happy, chuffed, squeeing, running around the house without pants on flailing my hands about some piece of good news.

I am all of those things over the fact that I’ve been invited into to participate in Storybundle’s Escapist Bundle.

This bundle is based around the Fiction River anthology Recycled Pulp. The stories in the anthology (which is included in the bundle) were all inspired by pulp-like titles, but none of the stories are pulp. They run the gamut of genres, and they’re all unusual and a great read.

The authors in the anthology were asked to include a longer work of fiction that related to our short story. That was tough for me, because my story, “The Imperfect Otter Empire,” is a odd but touching story about a woman watching the otters at the Santa Barbara Zoo (and then Stuff Happens). I don’t have any novels quite like that.

So I suggested Waking the Witch, a gothic mystery with a hint of romance, and the bundle coordinator was on board with that. I think it makes sense. You tell me after you’ve read the story and the novel, okay?

Of the novels and collections in the bundle, I’ve read a few, and they’re marvelous. I’ve read at least something by every author in the bundle, and I’ve loved their work, so I’m pretty confident it’s all wonderful.

This bundle is available for only three weeks, so hop on board now, while you can. You can get any ebook format, worldwide.

For a mere $5 (less than $1/book), you get…

  • Waking the Witch
  • Recycled Pulp
  • Isabel’s Tears by Lisa Silverthorne, a novel about a magical inn
  • The Pale Waters by Kelly Washington, the first novella in a four-part epic journey
  • Hot Waters by Erica Lyon, a steamy sea adventure novel

For $14, you get a bunch of bonus reading material:

  • Rebecca Senese’s ten-story science fiction collection Tales of Possibilities
  • Thomas K. Carpenter’s Revolutionary Magic, a historical fantasy and the first in the Dashkova Memoirs
  • Annie Reed’s A Death in Cumberland, a moody police procedural
  • Nebula Award finalist Cat Rambo’s Neither Here Nor There, a double collection of alt-world and real world fantasy stories
  • New York Times bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s The War and After, five historical fantasy stories of magic and revenge
  • USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith’s The Slots of Saturn, the origin story for his fan-favorite superhero Poker Boy.

You can pay more, of course, if you think 20 novels/novellas/collections are worth more than $14 (seriously, just round it up to $20, why don’tcha?)—and you can choose how much of that gets donated to the charity SMART (Start Making a Reader Today), which promotes the love of reading for children in Oregon. That is a charity I can get behind one hundred percent.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to run around the house without pants on flailing my hands, then curl up and read some seriously good fiction. I hope you do, too. The reading seriously good fiction in the bundle part. But feel free to run around the house without pants on flailing your hands too.

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Possessed, Undressed, and in a Mess

Possessed, Undressed, and in a Mess sounds like the story of my life sometimes, but in fact it’s a brand new novel from my pen name Sophie Mouette (which is myself and the glorious Teresa Noelle Roberts).

I love this novel. There were times when one or both of us hated this novel, because it went through a lot of changes over the years (yes, years) as we worked on it on and off. We started it back when we wrote for Black Lace and Cheek, completely changing the tone of it a our editor’s request, and then the lines folded, and we had this idea that we loved, but weren’t sure what to do with.

We got busy with other projects, came back to it, tore it apart, threw out a bunch of stuff, and moved forward. Had long phone conversations about tone (is it erotica? erotic romance? spicy romance? We decided on spicy romance.) and the heart of the mystery (as usual, we started the book by adding way too many plot elements). Finished it, sent it to beta readers, got great comments that made us go back and tear some sections apart again.

But my favorite part was very early on in the process, during a phone call where we were bouncing ideas back and forth. I said something, Teresa built on that, I built on that, etc., until suddenly I felt an actual chill come over me as this crazy, different, no-idea-where-it-was-coming-from thought burst into my brain like a firework going off. And I said it out loud, and Teresa actually gasped, and said, “Oh, yes!” and we both laughed and laughed. I never would have come up with the idea if it hadn’t been for the back-and-forth brainstorming that lead to it. The meeting of creative minds. It’s what makes collaboration worth its weight in gold.

(No, I’m not going to say what the idea was. You’ll have to read the book, and see if you can figure it out.  😉  )

And without further ado, the book!

PUM cover webA séance gone wildly wrong leaves hotelier Angela Georgenes sharing her body with a randy Victorian ghost. Someone’s after a treasure allegedly hidden in the hotel and the ghost wants to tell Angela—but can only communicate when Angela’s on the verge of orgasm.

Talk about awkward.

Angela—and the ghost—are both hot for new handyman Tyler Woodruff, but is he a knight in a shining pickup or the thief? In truth, he is there under false pretenses: he’s a fortune hunter who liberates unappreciated artifacts. Distracted by Angela’s wicked imagination and uninhibited bedroom antics, he doesn’t want to fall in love with her any more than she does with him.

But admitting their true feelings is the only way the ghost can reveal the nature of the treasure—and the real threat.

It’s got some spicy scenes—fairly conventional ones for romance, I’d say—but the focus is on the romance and mystery. And it’s funny. Did I mention it’s funny?

Available in print at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and soon at other venues such as Powells and Bank of Books.

Available at many online retailers:
Kindle  |  Nook  |  Kobo  |  Smashwords

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Book signing!

I will be participating in a big honking romance writers book signing on Sunday, March 17, as part of the California Dreamin’ Romance Writers Conference. Lots of amazing writers will be there; I don’t have a list of who-all signing, but I promise it’s going to be stellar!

The deets:

Date: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Time: 1-2:30 pm (bookstore opens at 12:30 for anyone who wants to start browsing early)
Where: Doubletree Hotel in Santa Ana, CA

I’m definitely signing Waking the Witch (gothic novel by Dayle Ivy) and “Braceleted” (erotic romance by Andrea Dale), and I hope to have several other books there as well. (Let me know ahead of time if there’s a title you’d like, and I’ll make sure to have it there for you!)

Hope to see you there! xo

Who am I today?

This question has come up in different forms: Why do I have so many pseudonyms? How do I find your non-erotic stuff/how do I tell the difference between your erotica vs non-erotic works?

Here’s a handy reference guide!

I have different pseudonyms because I write in different genres. It’s to help my readers easily find what they’re interested in. I also try very hard to be clear when I’m promoting something, what genre it’s in. If I say fantasy, I mean fantasy, not erotica. And so forth.

Dayle A. Dermatis – fantasy, science fiction, occasional non-fiction. I did sell one short, sweet romance story under this name, but it appeared in small presses a long time ago. When I put it up for sale as an e-book soon, I’ll use my sweet romance pseudonym (and if anyone is confused and buys the story and then realizes they’ve already read it, I’ll happily refund their money because if they’ve been a fan of mine for that long, they totally deserve it!).

Andrea Dale – erotica and erotic romance

Sophie Mouette – erotica and erotic romance co-authored with Teresa Noelle Roberts

Sarah Dale – spicy romance co-authored by with Sarah J. Husch

Kendra Wayne – erotica and erotic romance. An alternate name for Andrea Dale, really, for when I’m going to have two stories in the same anthology. Also the name I write under for Custom Erotica Source.

Andrea Loewen – romance, some with paranormal elements. There may be some sexual scenes, but if there are, they’re not full-on erotic. I haven’t yet sold anything under this name, but I have several things making the rounds.

All of my publications are listed on my Bibliography page, divided up by pseudonym with the genre noted.

Questions? Comments? Fire away!

Book Signing

I’ll be participating in a group book signing on October 14 at the
Barnes & Noble in Encino, sponsored by the Los Angeles Romance
Writers of America chapter (LARA). I’d love to see some friendly
familiar faces there!

Best of all, when you buy books that day and present a voucher when
you pay, a portion of that money will go towards supporting LARA.
(And it’s tax-deductible, too!)

Here’s the info:

Date: Sunday, October 14
Time: 12-2 p.m.

Barnes & Noble
16461 Ventura Boulevard
Encino CA 91436

Downloadable vouchers and flyers about the event can be found here. Or, if you
prefer, drop me a note and I’ll send them to you as e-mail attachments.

Hope to see you there!

A Little Night Music available August 7!

Just a reminder that A Little Night Music (written as Sarah Dale) will be in stores on August 7! (It’s available for preorder on various sites such as Amazon, Powells, B&N, etc., too.) But for those of you dying for a little more of a taste, check out my column at Lust Bites, which includes a brief excerpt from the book.

If you absolutely can’t wait, there’s another excerpt in the Wicked Words anthology Sex & Music.

Also, keep an eye on the contest page here for details of the forthcoming contest, How Many Styx References Can You Find in the Book? Details will be posted after the book’s actually hit the stores!

A Little Night Music UK release contest winners!

I’m pleased to announce the winners of the A Little Night Music UK release contest! US winners were Nanci Sauder-Ruest and Jennifer Legnon–they got their entries in so close together that they both deserve a prize! There were no UK entrants, so no winners there. Congratulations, Nanci and Jennifer! Your prizes will be mailed out soon.