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Burbank Book Festival (come see me!)

I’ll be on a panel discussion and also signing A Little Night Music this coming Saturday at the Burbank Book Festival. If you’re in the area, stop by and say hi!

Burbank Book Festival

May, 7, 2011
1:00 PM
Buena Vista Branch Library
300 N. Buena Vista St.
For more information call: 818.238.5620

The City of Burbank will be celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. To coincide with Burbank’s centennial celebration, the Burbank Public Library will host a mini-book festival at our Buena Vista Branch Library from 1-4 PM on Saturday, May 7th. The goal of the festival is twofold: to spotlight Burbank’s authors who have either self-published their book(s) or published through traditional avenues, giving them the venue to sell their books; and to encourage aspiring authors by offering information on writers’ organizations and self-publishing opportunities.

Who am I today?

This question has come up in different forms: Why do I have so many pseudonyms? How do I find your non-erotic stuff/how do I tell the difference between your erotica vs non-erotic works?

Here’s a handy reference guide!

I have different pseudonyms because I write in different genres. It’s to help my readers easily find what they’re interested in. I also try very hard to be clear when I’m promoting something, what genre it’s in. If I say fantasy, I mean fantasy, not erotica. And so forth.

Dayle A. Dermatis – fantasy, science fiction, occasional non-fiction. I did sell one short, sweet romance story under this name, but it appeared in small presses a long time ago. When I put it up for sale as an e-book soon, I’ll use my sweet romance pseudonym (and if anyone is confused and buys the story and then realizes they’ve already read it, I’ll happily refund their money because if they’ve been a fan of mine for that long, they totally deserve it!).

Andrea Dale – erotica and erotic romance

Sophie Mouette – erotica and erotic romance co-authored with Teresa Noelle Roberts

Sarah Dale – spicy romance co-authored by with Sarah J. Husch

Kendra Wayne – erotica and erotic romance. An alternate name for Andrea Dale, really, for when I’m going to have two stories in the same anthology. Also the name I write under for Custom Erotica Source.

Andrea Loewen – romance, some with paranormal elements. There may be some sexual scenes, but if there are, they’re not full-on erotic. I haven’t yet sold anything under this name, but I have several things making the rounds.

All of my publications are listed on my Bibliography page, divided up by pseudonym with the genre noted.

Questions? Comments? Fire away!