“She has so many aliases, you’d think she was a spy!”

New Releases

Waking the Witch
a gothic novel
by Dayle Ivy
wotc cover web
Written on the Coast
a fantasy collection
by Dayle A. Dermatis

Kiss Me Hello
lesbian erotic romance
by Andrea Dale

Hello, and welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. Can I offer you a cup of tea or glass of wine?

In these pages you’ll learn all about my various projects (and my various pseudonyms). Whether you’re looking for character-driven, spicy romance; sizzling erotica; or speculative stories set in the past, present, or future, you’ll definitely find something to enchant you and thrill you here.

What’s New?

Welcome to my updated website! My webgoddess and I have been tweaking a lot of little things…if you find any broken links or other problems, please let one of us know.

Writing is going well, as you can see from the number of novels and collections that have been publishing recently by my wonderful small-press publisher, Soul’s Road Press. We’re looking at an agressive schedule for the rest of the year to get more of my stories, novels, and collections available to you, lovely reader! All print works (novels and collections are available at any bookstore, and they along with individual short stories are available in a variety of ebook formats, wherever you choose to shop.

If you like your romance spicy, you can read the first chapter of my short novel In Her Hands here. If you like it, please let me know! I’m jonesing to write the two companion short novels and put them all together as one big book, but I need incentive to bump that project up to the top of my To Do list!

Also, if you do enjoy something of mine you’ve read, please take a minute or two to post a review, or even just click on the stars to rate it. This really, truly does help my future sales, which means I’ll have a few more pennies to justify not going back to a day job and writing less….

For up-to-the-minute info on new sales and where I’ll be (signings, Styx concerts, you name it), check out the News & Notes tab above, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter or Google+. I’m switching programs for my occasional newsletter, and the link to sign up for it will be live again soon. That way, you’ll be able to get updates right in your In Box via my mailing list (there’s a link over there to the right). I send a newsletter every couple of months, so don’t be worried that you’ll be inundated with mail! It’ll keep you updated on my most recent releases, appearances, and sales. Please join me!

If you’re looking for my co-authored work as Sophie Mouette, check out her website.

I also write for Custom Erotica Source under the name Kendra Wayne.

Never a dull moment around here!


Email: dayle.dermatis AT gmail.com