A Little Night Music

An erotic romance novel written as as Andrea Dale, with Sarah Husch, published by Soul’s Road Press (formerly published by Cheek Books under the name Sarah Dale).

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At seventeen, Hannah Montgomery tripped down the stairs into the arms of her favorite rock god, Nathaniel Fox. So she kissed him, of course. But Nate reluctantly said she was too young, Hannah swore that one day, she’d have him, just once.

Nine years later, when his career hits rock bottom, Nate needs Hannah’s PR talents and passion to get him back on top of the music world. Their vow of “just once” to get the lust out of their systems spills over into explosive sexual encounters hotter than anything Hannah ever fantasized about.

But Hannah’s job of making Nate a superstar again clashes with the image of a working girl on his arm—and worse, without Hannah by his side, the temptations of the road might send Nate back into a downward spiral.

Will their final song be a ballad of heartbreak or a chart-topping rocker about the power of true love?


“Dale’s story is a strong romance with a bit of angst and some well-executed character development. The characters engage in sexual antics, including consensual bondage and sex toys, and secondary characters help the plot develop.”

Romantic Times Book Review (4 stars), October 2007


Hannah peered through the glass in the studio’s door. The recording booth was empty, but through the window that separated it from the performance room, she saw Nate Fox again.

He sat at a piano, his back to the door. That surprised her. She’d have thought he would be playing his guitar. Her heart gave a curious thud and she felt adrenalin shoot through her body, heightening her senses. Glossy black hair fell over the collar of his teal blue shirt, shorter than it used to be, but still long enough to wrap around her fingers. The muscles of his shoulders moved easily beneath the shirt as he played, and she imagined running her fingers up his back, over his shoulders…

Music spilled out when she opened the door. It was one of his older songs; she recognized it immediately. She closed her eyes, letting the music wash over her, absorbing it through her pores. It reminded her of thunder on a sunny day, coming unexpectedly, promising rain and wind and raw power.

Hannah slipped inside to stand unobtrusively just next to the doorway connecting the rooms. She knew in theory what all of the knobs and levers and lights did—she couldn’t have grown up the daughter of a producer without picking up a few things—but it had never been where her interest lay. She was fascinated by public versus private persona, by media, by the psychology of it all.

And she was fascinated by Nate Fox.

She was within a few yards of him, but he hadn’t seen her yet. He was obviously lost in the music. He leaned back so far she thought he’d tumble over except for the fact that she’d seen him perform the maneuver in music videos and on stage.

He played the final few notes, his hands stilling on the keyboard. For a moment, he sat, arched back, eyes closed, listening to the music fade away.

Then he opened his eyes and saw Hannah.


Nate stared. Even upside down, the woman standing by the door was a knock-down, drop-dead stunner. He hadn’t heard anyone come in…

Maybe the blood had all rushed to his head and was making him hallucinate? It had never happened before, but if this was a hallucination, he was perfectly happy to have it continue.

He sat up and spun around on the stool. The vision was still there, which implied she wasn’t a mirage. Even better.

She had long red hair that looked as though it would feel like fairy gossamer if he touched it. She had a redhead’s creamy skin and a pair of amazing grey eyes.

And then there were her legs. Oh my, her legs. Her suit skirt was tasteful even though it was short, and her strappy high heels accentuated the line of her calf and the strength of her thighs. He imagined running his hands along those legs, and felt his cock stir. It took all of his concentration to wrest his mind away from the lustful thoughts, before his leather pants announced to the world what he was thinking.

The woman took a graceful step away from the wall. “Nice performance,” she said. “I hope I’m not interrupting.”

“Oh, not at all,” he said. He stood and held out his hand. “Nathaniel Fox. But you can call me Nate.”

“Hannah Montgomery.”

His hand tightened on hers. The bones of her hand were delicate, but her grip was strong. The gaze that met his was confident and assessing. An exotic scent, light and heady, stole around him. He found himself wanting to breathe it in, and wondered if it would be stronger there at the soft skin beneath her ear. “The infamous Hannah. I’m honored.”

“I’m infamous?” she asked. Her voice was just the tiniest bit husky, which he found incredibly sexy. He’d liked it on the phone. He liked it even better in person. He wondered how it sounded when she cried out in passion.

“Of course,” he said, forcing himself to stay with the conversation. “The woman who saved Jenna Glenn’s ass? Who rejuvenated the career of Simone DePaolo? Who helped take Double Zero out of the realm of boy bands and into the adult market?” He was suddenly glad he’d paid attention to Sam’s list of her credentials. “We’ve all been intrigued.”

She smiled, just a little, revealing a dimple in her left cheek. “Intriguing. I like that.”

She trailed her tongue across her bottom lip, moistening the curve.

Nate wanted to follow the path of her tongue with his own. His grip on her hand loosened, but only to trace his fingers on her palm. He wondered how far she would allow the flirting to go. “So do I,” he said. “I hope I’ll get the opportunity to get to know you better.”

Hannah grazed Nate’s palm with her fingernails, smiling appreciatively when she saw him draw in a sharp breath. “You will. Sam wants me to be hands-on with the PR. We’ll be seeing a lot of each other.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

“So am I,” she purred, and finally let go of his hand. He still felt the tingle of her sharp caress on his palm. And it had shot all the way to his cock, leaving him uncomfortable and suddenly looking forward to what he’d previously expected to be a boring dinner.

“Sam sent me to fetch you,” Hannah said, and the thought of being fetched by her sounded amazingly kinky, the way she said it.

Nate spread his hands. “I’m at your mercy.”

He wondered if she knew how much he meant it. Nate picked up his jacket and gestured for her to precede him out the door.

Which he did not only out of politeness, but also because it provided him with a fine view of her ass.


The sway of Hannah’s hips masked the shaking of her knees. Dear lord, he was flirting with her. She hadn’t expected that to happen quite so fast. Was he like this with every woman?

Then she decided that it didn’t matter. He was flirting with her, and she was going to take every advantage of it. The fact that he showed an interest would make her goal that much easier to attain. She would tease him into insanity, make him long for her the way she’d always wanted him. Then, after she’d repaired his image and got him back into the realm of rock gods, she would have him. After her job was done. She’d better keep reminding herself of that.

Still, the fact that he showed such a strong interest—as evidenced by the clear outline of his thickening cock against the line of his pants—thrilled her to the core.

It was all she could do not to touch him in the elevator. Nate dominated the small space, filling it with his warmth and deep earthy scent. Her heels brought her closer to his height, but there was something about him that made her feel petite, delicate. She felt the pull of him, felt it down deep inside where it made her blood rush. And he did it all without even trying. He just leaned casually against the wall, making the silk of his shirt stretch against his chest, widening the vee above the buttons at the top. Blue eyes edging into black watched her with an intensity that made her very aware of herself as a woman.

The sweat on his neck looked very enticing. Hannah wanted to run her tongue along it. His black leather pants laced up the front, and she ached to unlace them with her teeth. She wanted to hear his reaction to that. But she behaved. There would be time enough to seduce him, even if she had to wait. She’d waited all these years. She understood patience. Hannah smiled at that, feeling a great sense of satisfaction when Nate’s gaze went to her mouth.

The elevator seemed to be heating up. If there had been mirrored tiles on the walls, Hannah was sure they’d be steamed. Of course, she might not have been able to keep her hands to herself if they had been. The urge to see herself wrapped around his semi-naked body would have been too much to resist.

His reaction to her now more than made up for his reaction all those years ago at the bottom of her stairs. If he’d looked at her then like he wanted to push her up against the wall and bury himself inside of her, she wouldn’t have had a clue what to do.

Now she’d have no problem thinking of a response.

The elevator jerked to a halt, the doors hissing open. Nate straightened, pushing one hand through his hair, disheveling the already tousled strands. Giving her a smile that made her thong damp, he followed her into the foyer where Sam was waiting for them.

Hannah smiled at Sam when they joined him. She had to pull herself together. Had to stop mentally peeling the clothes off of Nate and urging him to touch her.

She was a professional. She could do this.