Thoughts on competition and biology

Ken and I have Apple Watches now. I really only wanted a Fitbit, but thanks to Ken’s amazing company and their amazing holiday white elephant gift exchange, he snagged me a watch for Christmas. It does more than I need it to, but as I explore its functions I’m finding more and more groovy useful tools.

The watch’s fitness tracker shows you your progress in three areas: how many minutes of exercise you got (out of 30), how many calories you burned (you set the minimum), and how many times you stood and moved in twelve hours. At 10 minutes to the hour, if you’ve been sitting, it beeps and reminds you to stand up and move around.

It’s funny when Ken and I are watching TV or a movie, and my watch will buzz a second before his does, and then we’ll both stand up and shuffle around.

This works well for me because of my stubborn, competitive streak—there’s no way I’m going to let Ken beat me!

All of which means I’ve never been so jealous that men can pee standing up.

(Excuse me, gotta go…my watch just beeped…)

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