Weird Things Found While Packing, Part IV

Hot damn, I made it to Part IV!

photo 2

What you see here is a GPS in the middle of the floor. The GPS in itself is not a Weird Thing Found While Packing, because Ken took fifteen of them to the electronics recycling place last week.

(For many years, he used this model for running motorcycle rallies. Because the GPSs were no longer being made, if one broke down, he’d pick up another on eBay and Frankenstein them together. Last long rally, he was running two simultaneously and had two spares in the saddlebags. So it’s not that weird that he had fifteen in various stages of repair.)

No, the really weird thing here is that the GPS is in the middle of the floor. It could not have fallen off the table and landed where I found it. It would have had to have leapt off the table, and those suckers are heavy, so I’m sure I would’ve heard it lemming itself to its doom.

Sadly, this story has an unexciting conclusion: when Ken got back from wherever he was that evening, he put the GPS there to remind himself to gather up the other fourteen to add them to the recycling pile

photo 3

This is our clawfoot bathtub.

photo 4

These are all the boxes that were in the bathtub when I got back from my workshop in Oregon.

The other night, Ken had been working super-hard moving boxes and whatnot, and he’d said on more than one occasion over the previous days that he wished he could take a bath. So while he was in the garage hauling large and heavy objects about, I took all the boxes out of the tub and cleaned the tub so he could have a nice soak.

And I found this:

photo 5

At first I thought it was a piece of the old linoleum that’s under the new floorboards in the downstairs office, from when the house was used as the Jack and Jill Nursery. But then Ken looked at it and realized it was a puzzle piece.

I have never seen this puzzle before. I swear to you.

I don’t know where this puzzle piece materialized from.

Think about that. Sleep well…if you can. But if you hear the faint sound of children laughing…

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