Help me, Internet friends; you’re my only hope!

I’m back home from my workshop, and house packing continues apace. Next week (I think), Ken will be driving a second truck up to Portland, leaving us with only what’ll fit in the back of an SUV (air mattress and bedding, clothes, laptops, etc.). Most of the dishes are already packed except for a few for everyday use; those will probably go and we’ll be down to paper plates, and of course pretty much all of the cooking implements will be going as well.

I’ve already been working through foodstuffs we have in the house, because anything in the fridge and freezer will have to be given away or tossed in the end. While we can take dry goods with us (we’ll be in a temp apartment for a few months at least), we won’t have the space to haul tons of ingredients, so I’ve been working through those.

Thus, I’m already having trouble figuring out meals. I don’t want to be ordering pizza and eating frozen dinners for the rest of the month, and I can get sick of sandwiches pretty darn quick. We bought some “fresh” Von’s meals and they’re okay, but waaaay too salty (and 3.5 servings really equates to 2 servings for us).

So I need suggestions. I’ll be making my usual vat of brown rice before the steamer gets packed. What else should I lay in like that? What are some simple meals that don’t take much cooking/prep, don’t need too many cooking implements, and don’t take a lot of ingredients…yet are still reasonably healthy?

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