Help me name a vlog!

Photo on 2010-06-30 at 23.09_1I need a catchy name for a vlog/blog covering rock concerts, music news, etc. Think of the indie YouTube sites that are making a splash. That’s the sort of thing she does; not only posts photos and videos she’s taken, but a website with reviews and so on. She probably has at least a few thousand followers (still trying to figure out how many would make sense), and makes a living off the advertising, selling photos to other sites, that sort of thing.

It’s run by a single person, a woman in her twenties, so if her name or nickname can be part of it, that’s cool, but not necessary. (The character already has a name, but I can change it for the right title.)

For example, if she were a guy, it could be Rock Talk with Jacques. (She can’t be a guy.)

It doesn’t have to have her name, but it has to be something hip (do the kids say “hip” these days?) and catchy.

If I choose your idea, you’ll get a shout-out in the acknowledgements of the book.  🙂

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