Catmas Carols 2014!

Last year, apparently drunk on tea and manic creativity, I  flooded Twitter and FB with Catmas carols. I put them on my old blog, along with the ones other people contributed.

The muse has struck again, so I’m back on Twitter/FB/G+ with them. I’ll post the new ones here as well. Feel free to join in on Facebook or Twitter! The more the purrier!


Kittens we have heard on high/Meowing in their joyous glee/And the human in reply/Get down off the Christmas tree!#catmascarols #kittenswehaveheardonhigh

Kitten that purr/sweet-smelling fur/Playing with toys/bringing me joy/Merry merry merry Catmas #catmascarols #carolofthecats

I heard 3 cats meow for food/On Xmas Day, on Xmas Day/I heard 3 cats meow for food/On Xmas Day in the morning. #catmascarols #iheard3cats


Kitten purrs, kitten purrs/Purring all the way/Oh what joy it is to hear a kitten purr today, hey! #catmascarols #jinglekittens

Kitten purrs, kitten purrs/It’s purring time by the heater/Purr and purr/Hear them purr/Soon it will be Catmas Day. #catmascarols #silvercats

O holy cats, the kittens are a-purring/It is the night of the sweet kitten’s purr…/Fall on your knees! Oh, give the kitten scritchies! #catmascarols #oholycats

God rest ye merry, gentlecats/Let nothing you dismay/Remember Bast, our Savior/Looks over us this day. #catmascarols #merrygentlecats

O come all ye kittens/Joyful and purricious/O come ye, o come ye/To eat gooshy food. #catmascarols #comeallyekittens

We three cats who rule your house are/Bearing gifts we traverse afar/Couch to armchair/Your fav’rite rug there/A hairball inside your boudoir. #catmascarols #wethreecats

We wish you a Merry Catmas, we wish you a Merry Catmas, we wish you a Merry Catmas, and a Treat—filled New Year! #catmascarols #merrycatmas

Do you hear what I hear?/A cat, a cat/Purring by the fire/With a sound as big as a lion. #catmascarols #doyouhearacatpurr

Last Catmas, I gave you a mouse/The very next day, you threw it away/This year, to save me from tears/I’ll give you a squishy hairball. #catmascarols #lastcatmas

Feed the cats/Let them know it’s Catmastime. #catmascarols #feedthecats #catcharitysongs #cataid

12 bowls of wet food/11 laps to sit on/10 catnip treats/9 laser pointers/8 beds to nap in/7 fish a-swimming/6 turkey drumsticks/5 HOURS OF SCRITCHIES/4 feather toys/3 paper bags/2 mouse-shaped things/and a pardon for climbing up the Yule treeeee #catmascarols #12daysofcatmas

My sweet Eostre, gone but so close to my heart

Oh catmas tree oh catmas tree, with branches made of catnip, your shiney bells to me foretells, tumbling through and backflip….

(Vicki-Marie Petrick)


Away in a catbox I don’t use my beds
This sweet little kitty digs, spatters and shreds,
The season’s for giving and so I will leave
Turds, birdies, and dead mice for you to receive.

The humans are moaning, they say it’s a mess
But these are the gifts that I proudly profess
And you’d better like it or you’ll get instead
Some cat barf and hairballs right smack in your bed.

(Meg Burns)