Food, glorious food (and recipes & stories)!

I’ve been juggling a lot of projects this year—along with writing, I’ve upped my freelance work (editing and designing, both on my own and for Lucky Bat Books)—and I’m dead chuffed to announce this one, because it’s not only groovy, but it’s to benefit charity!

CookingUpStoriesPupVersion-3May I whet your appetite with…Cooking Up Stories: Favorite Stories From the Oregon Writers Network.

My coeditor Louisa Swann and I came up with this idea at breakfast during a workshop in Lincoln City a few years ago, but finally sat down and discussed it seriously in February this year. Nothing would have come of it if a whole bunch of writers hadn’t gotten on board and sent us recipes along with essays, story snippets, and other fun pieces of writing. Trust me, there are some really yummy-sounding recipes in this book!

The beneficiary of cookbook proceeds is Beach Bark, a Lincoln County, OR, charity that provides emergency vet care to animals who are ownerless or whose owners can’t afford the costs. We chose it in part because it covers the area where we travel for workshops several times a year, but also because it’s a charity near the heart of Kip, the owner of the Historic Anchor Inn where we writers stay for the coast workshops. (It was at one of his wonderful breakfasts that we hatched up the idea for the cookbook.)

I collected the recipes and edited them, and Louisa designed the book, and also took the photos of Lincoln City that are peppered throughout. (Pun intended.) Louisa’s son, Brandon Swann, designed the cover. Dean Wesley Smith wrote the Introduction, and Lucky Bat Books donated the ISBNs and background assistance. None of the people who worked on the project were paid, so that more money could go to the charity.

So, what’s not to love? A great cookbook, a charity being supported…if you’re searching for that perfect last-minute gift, consider Cooking Up Stories!

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