Uncollected Anthology, Issue 2: Winter Witches

BugI’m still so excited about The Uncollected Anthology, and chuffed to bits that we’re already at Issue 2 of these urban fantasy stories. This issue’s theme is Winter Witches, to get you thinking about the holidays ahead.

Wow, talk about a diverse group of stories! All urban fantasy, but all very different—and I loved each and every one of them. There’s a reason I suggested this project to some of my favorite authors. (It was because I’m selfish and wanted to read more stories by them, on themes I thought were cool and fun.)

Anyway, here are the deets on my story:

“Desperate Housewitches”

desperate cover web

Kimberly reigns as the witchy Martha Stewart of her neighborhood coven…until Philippa moves in across the street, with her snooty English pagan heritage and her magical one-upmanship. When the annual Winter Solstice ritual goes horribly wrong, can Kim and Philippa put their differences aside and bring back the sun?

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The other incredibly fabulous authors—go check out their stories!

Annie Reed  |  Leah Cutter  |  Leslie Claire Walker  | Michele Lang |  Phaedra Weldon

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