Two new (and very different) stories available!


FR Fantastic Detectives ebook cover NEW WEB 72DP“Living With the Past” is part of the Fantastic Detectives anthology from Fiction River, edited by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (former editor of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction). I need smelling salts, please, because my name is on the front cover. With Kevin J. Anderson and Dean Wesley Smith. And you may not know of Karen L. Abrahamson, but I do, and she’s a phenomenal writer (check out her Cartographers series!). (Alastair Kimble is a new author to me, but I’m eager to read his work.) Seriously, the whole table of contents is amazing.

“Living With the Past” features the heroine of my novel Ghosted, Nikki Ashburne, a former Hollywood party girl who can now see ghosts. Ghosted should be out in a month or so, fingers crossed. (I’ve been saying that for ages, though, haven’t I?)

Available in print at Amazon, and in ebook format from these fine establishments:
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paying cover webMeanwhile, from Soul’s Road Press comes “Paying It Forward,” another erotica story from my Andrea Dale pen name:

Pamela believes in paying it forward—which is why every year she picks another naïve young man and teaches him how to properly give a woman anal pleasure. Warning: Adult content.

“Paying It Forward” originally appeared in Orgasmic: Erotica for Women, Cleis Press, 2010, as Kendra Wayne

Available in ebook format from these fine establishments:
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