O, my silly brain

As you know (Bobs), I’m a founding member of the Uncollected Anthology series, which is a collective of writers who are writing urban fantasy stories about agreed-upon themes and releasing them simultaneously (hence the “uncollected” and yet “anthology”).

When we first sat down to hammer out the details of this vague idea I had (which was something along the lines of, I have these nifty anthology ideas and I love these urban fantasy authors, so how do I connect the two?), we came up with the first four themes: Magical Motorcycles, Winter Witches, Heartspells, and Portals and Passageways. (There are more themes, but these are the ones we agreed on for the first four issues.)

But my brain keeps trying to mash them together. For example, my Magical Motorcycles story, “The Madness of Survival,” takes place largely on the Winter Solstice, the time period of Winter Witches. And my Winter Witches story, which I haven’t actually started yet even though it’s due soon, wants to hinge around the concept of a Solstice Gate, which sounds like a Portals and Passageways story to me. But there’s also a winter-blooming rose, which the protagonist has to get from the heir to another magical family—which could nudge its way into a romance…Heartspells, anyone?

And, boom, suddenly I want to combine the Solstice Gate and the winter rose into a freaking novel.

And now I have the hiccups. Please tell me this isn’t all related somehow.