Look what Ken made for me!


We had a big blank wall in our kitchen, and I’d been finding various examples of pegboard herb gardens on Pinterest (you can see my board here).

Every time I’ve tried to grow herbs outside, I’ve killed them. I forget to water them, or I think “Eh, I’ll go out and water them tomorrow,” and then they’re dead, Jim—dead, I tell you. I had some success when I put the pots on the back steps, because they were close and I could just open the door and water them, but Ken doesn’t look where he puts his big ol’ feet, so that resulted in multiple broken pots scattered around the stairs. The only herb I’ve successfully grown of late is a basil, because it was in the kitchen and I saw it every morning.


I still need to get more pots and things (and I have to figure out how to do that without spending much money). Right now the pot above has a regular basil and a purple basil, but they’re still in their individual wrappings. I think I’m going to just put regular basil in that pot to let it spread out, because we use a lot of basil.

Gardener peeps: Would I line the bottom with small rocks for drainage?



The rest of the herbs, currently on the utility porch, waiting to be transfered when I have proper pots of some ilk. Well, except for the lemon geranium, which I’ll plant outside. And that big pot with the French red chard in it is too big for the pegboard, so I’m not sure where that’ll end up. Maybe it’ll live on the utility porch, and I’ll take it to visit the other herbs in the kitchen every so often.