Dayle is…

I don’t usually repost me-me type things, but I kinda love this one: you go to and type in your name and see what the Internet thinks of you.

It didn’t find my full name, nor Cyfarwydd, but here are some of my favorites from my first name. It’s like philosophical existential truths. Or something.

  • dayle is no dreamer (liars!)
  • dayle is a 1985 (I do love the ’80s…)
  • dayle is more than 200m up the other side before i reach the bottom
  • dayle is an island located in the ocean between east and west faleone
  • dayle is a savvy detective who knows how to navigate the mind of a criminal
  • dayle is his treasure
  • dayle is the author of the best
  • dayle is the only living protege of world
  • dayle is an impressive woman and a role model
  • dayle is one of the strongest people on the planet
  • dayle is known for her creativity and pizzazz
  • dayle is a well
  • dayle is “twice exceptional”
  • dayle is joyful that
  • dayle is a victorian baroque design dating from approximately 1830 to 1850
  • dayle is able to use her psychic talents to find missing people
  • dayle is self
  • dayle is a beautiful
  • dayle is supposed to make her appearance at the very end
  • dayle is committed to innovative
  • dayle is enjoying a fun
  • dayle is this
  • dayle is being horribly whiney and i don’t know why (me, neither)
  • dayle is far from picture perfect (true)
  • dayle is still in my room (muwahaha)
  • dayle is a good