The Sound of My Own Voice now available!

I know, I know, I always say that I’m chuffed or delighted or excited, or whatever, but really, one of the best parts of my job is saying “Lookie here! I made this! Squee!”

And that’s how I feel about this latest story available for sale, “The Sound of My Own Voice.”

I had a blast writing this story. I wrote it at a workshop, and it was the first time in a long time that I just flat out had fun writing a story. And then Kerrie L. Hughes accepted it for publication in Hex in the City, and being the astute editor she is, she pushed me to make the story even better.

When I went to publish it through Soul’s Road Press, I had the joy of finding the perfect cover art—and the whole experience made me relive how much fun the story was to write.

Yeah, Annalee will get her own novel someday. Maybe a series of them, even. Because she’s a siren, and she’s a snarky, opinionated one at that…she’s unlikely to shut up anytime soon.

I hope you all enjoy “The Sound of My Own Voice.”

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Her parents taught Annalee to never sing, that she had no talent, despite her pop star half-sister. Then a drunken night of karaoke releases Annalee’s power—a power her parents had desperately sought to contain…a power that causes government agencies to perk up and take notice. Dammit.

Originally published in Hex in the City, “The Sound of My Own Voice” shows why USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith calls Dayle A. Dermatis “one of the best writers working today.”

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And coming soon from iBooks as well!