Cat Scratch Fever

Cat Scratch Feveran erotica novel written as Sophie Mouette (with Teresa Noelle Roberts), Black Lace Books (Virgin Ltd UK) (ISBN 0352340215), UK release March 9, 2006, US release August 29, 2006

“Mouette handles the sizzling sex…with a generous hand…. This is a delightful, amusing and sexy whodunit.”
–Romantic Times Book Review (4 stars), August 2006

“Sophie Mouette has a sizzling erotic romance with Cat Scratch Fever…. The twists and turns in the plot kept me guessing and I really liked the end, without a doubt…. Cat Scratch Fever is a very good erotic romance and I highly recommend this great read.”
–Just Erotic Romance Reviews (4/5 stars)

“Cat Scratch Fever combines a cleverly unfolding mystery with some steamy sex among the animal cages to leave you purring with pleasure.”
–For Women (Vol 14 Number 4)

“…Ms. Mouette entwines erotica and mystery together wonderfully and is able to keep you entertained through the whole tale. Spicy hot, this is definitely the ideal bedtime story.”

“Cat Scratch Fever is an erotic romance that starts with a bang and keeps pumping and grinding until the end…. The plot was intriguing and filled with enough sex to keep readers panting.”